My New Goal

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May 19, 2010 20:05
Since I was young, I have loved watching American western drams and movies. I also have loved reading such books about the American pioneer days in Japanese because they encourage me and motivate me a lot.

A few days ago, when I chatted with my Texan friend, I told him that I love "Lonesome Dove". It was broadcasted 15 years ago in Japan. At that time I watched it with Japanese dubbing. The dram was very touching, and at the end of part I remember that I couldn't help tearing. The story was splendid.

Of course, it all depends, but lately since I have become able to enjoy American dramas and movies little by little, I tried to watch "Lonesome Dove" in English. I never expected that I could understand, on the other hand I never expected that I couldn't understand most of the parts either. Therefore, I was very discouraged and sad.

However, I thought about to watch western dramas in English for foreigners. It looks like to watch jidaigeki(時代劇) that are Japanese historical dramas in Japanese for foreigners. I guess that it must be tough. That's because in jidaigeki people are speaking with the old style Japanese, and the contents of the stories are very historical.

In my case thanks to my Texan friend, I think that I've gotten used to listening to the Texan accent. However compared to him, the accent which people spoken in the drama sounds much stronger. I really want to become able to enjoy my favorite western drama, "Lonesome Dove"in English someday. It became one of my goals.

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