Let's Watch "Shrek" with a Japanese Dubbing

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May 18, 2010 19:50
Yesterday I watched "Shrek 1" in English. This was my first time to watch it in English. However, I'm a big fan of the story, and I could enjoy it very much.

I want to give you tips about "Shrek" here because I had watched it both in Japanese and English. Compared to the original version, I can tell you that "Shrek" with a Japanese dubbing is funnier because he is speaking Japanese with Kansai dialect. It's really funny. I think it is really fit to his character.

In Japan Kansai dialect is more common lately, and you can watch a bunch of TV shows or talents spoken Kansai dialect. It is spoken in western area in Japan. There are lots of comedians spoken Kansai dialect, so when we listen to it, we associate it with comedians. Although Shrek isn't a comedian, his spoken Kansai dialect imagines us he is a comedian. Therefore, it is very funny. In addition to that, while watching it, you can learn Kansai dialect at the same time. His spoken Kansai dialect sounds very natural.

If you are Japanese learners, and your listening skills are advanced, I highly recommend you a Japanese version.
If you are English learners, it is also good for you to watch it in English. It is easy for us to understand.