Please Teach Me How To Write a Fan Letter in English

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Apr 23, 2010 01:56
I have a plan to write a fan letter to my favorite author. I already wrote about my plan in my past journal entry. However, since I don't know how to write a fan letter in English, please help me.
If you correct my letter in English and comment on me, I'm very happy.

Dear Debbie Macomber

Nice to meet you. I'm a Japanese female learning English for two years. While I'm learning English, I discovered your books. I think that reading books in English is a good way for me to improve my comprehension skills. Therefore, I'm reading books in English every day.

Meanwhile, after I had read your paperback "The Shop on Blossom Street", I became a big fan of your books. Right now I'm reading your second sequel "A Good Yarn" in English. It is also quite interesting. After I finish reading your book, it gave me a big confidence like that I can read books for adult in English! I can read books in English which have over 400 pages!!
Actually, it isn't easy for me to read paperbacks in English which has over 400 pages. However, after I finished reading your book, I was very happy! Although I read yours without using a dictionary, I really could enjoy reading the story and understand easily.

There are no Japanese translation about your books in Japan. Therefore, before I met your books, I didn't know about you. However, you are one of my favorite authors right now. Thank you so much for writing such wonderful books for us. It is the first time for me to write a fan letter in English. Therefore, I don't know how to write. If my letter sounds weird, please forgive me.
I hope that you understand how much I enjoy reading your books, and you have a fan in Japan. I would love to read all your books. It's one of my goals.

Thank you so much for reading at the end of my letter.