Self Analysis About My English

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Dec 31, 2009 23:22
Yesterday I recorded my speaking voice. When I listened to my recorded voice, I was very disappointed at myself.
Because my voice sounded worse than my expectation.

After I analyzed myself, I realized that my talking speed is good, and my pause of response in my conversation is also good. And I think that I can speak what I want to say clearly in English. However, when I speak English on midway, I always correct myself. It sounds very funny. Even if I speak simple phrases, I make silly mistakes. My worst mistakes are about tense. Compared to Japanese, English has lots of tense, so it is hard for me to control tense.
The most shocking problem was my horrible pronunciation. My English sounded very very very Japanese accented English!!!
I imagined that I could speak English with more natural pronunciation. Because most of my language partners understand what I say in English. However, that's why is probably they've just gotten used to listening my Japanese accented English. I regretted my big- headed thoughts about my English abilities. And I want to apologize them when I speak English, they always have to patient to listen to my wried English with very awkward accent.

When I told with one of my language exchanges partners, Mark, he encouraged me a lot. And he suggested me that I should record my voice once a month. I also think that it is good idea.
I told him that when I listen to native speaker's English, it sounds very smooth, calm and natural. However, when I listen to my English, it sounds like choppy, fighting, straggling, arguing and discussing. Although He disagreed with my opinion, I think it comes from my talking style of Japanese. Therefore, I thought that I need to change my talking style when I speak English. I really want to speak English like native speakers.

I need to improve my pronunciation more, and I also have to expand vocabularies. I also would love to speak English with natural phrases more. I want to reduce mistakes more, too. Therefore, I want to record my speaking voice monthly, and I would like to improve my comprehension abilities.