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Dec 30, 2009 22:51
I want to say thank you very much for reading my journal entries and correcting them for a year all my friends. There is only one day left until the New Year's day.
How will you spend your New Year's eve and New Year's day?
Have you satisfied with this year?
In my case I'm very satisfied with this year, and I expect next year very much!

In Japan most of people return back to their hometown to meet their parents and relatives in New Year break. However, we don't plan on returning back to our parents house.
We think that it is the most priority thing to get used to new place. Therefore, we will go around here and there in Fukui in our New Year's break. It must be fun!

Today I downloaded a soft wear to record my speaking voice. I guess that it is the last small issue for me in this year. I'm really scared to listen to my recorded voice. Because I already well know that my English sounds very Japanese accented English. Even though my Skype friends comfort me that my English sounds neutral or not sounds Japanese accent so much, I would feel losing a confidence.
However, I also know that it would be able to improve my speaking abilities because I can analysis me.
Therefore, I will record my speaking voice tomorrow.