It was Just Like A Movie

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Nov 18, 2017 23:58
It was Just Like A Movie

When I was Skyping with my friend from America as usual, a phone rang. It was from my mom. Her voice sounded upset, and she said " I can't contact my sister, and I need to make sure if she was okay or not. Can you come with me? Her daughter called me to check her out." My aunt lived alone for more than 20 years after her daughter got married. She has only one daughter who lives in Tokyo, but she had lost her husband more than 30 years ago. I felt something wrong and agreed going with her.

I called my husband if he could take me to my mom's place because I know he goes to the direction for his work. He said, "Yes." We headed to my hometown where my parents live.

When I got my parents house, it was 2: 30 pm. My husband drove us to my aunt's house. He planed to go back to his work after he dropped us off. However, when we saw my aunt's house, he changed his mind. My aunt was a very punctual person. Every morning she work up at 5 am and opened window shutters. The day, all shutters were still closed. We thought something wrong happened to her. Since none of us didn't have a house key, and we couldn't open a door, my mom asked to the neighborhoods if someone had the key. We couldn't find any person who had it. So, my husband called 110.

20 minutes later, we heard loud siren was approaching to us. My husband called two fire cars and one ambulance car to my aunt's house as a result. 8 police officers dropped off from the cars. We were flabbergasted because it was too much to help my aunt. All neighbors showed up to know what's going on. We definitely stood out. A police officer asked us if they could break a window glass to enter inside. I called my cousin and got a permission from her. She was so worried about her mom.

The police officers found my aunt was lying on a kitchen floor. We had to stay outside because they had to examine first. We thought she has died when we heard the news. One hour later a police officer called us to explain what was going on. He showed a paper of my aunt's heart record. It showed nothing. It meant my aunt's heart has stopped. We were so shocked. I called my cousin to tell the news. She started crying, and I felt so sorry for her.

I don't remember how many hours we had to wait, but we finally were allowed to get in the house. We all were investigated by a police officer first. Then, he explained about my aunt's death. A doctor examined her body and explained her death reason as well. She died around at 7 am because of heart attack. That's because in a couple days it got cold. She didn't prepare her room for the temperature change. She was two years older than my mom, but she looked much older and had a bad shape. She was extremely skinny. I have heard it was hard for her to walk or even stand up recently from my mom.

I saw her for the first time in more than 20 years. I mean I saw her corpse. My husband and I have to move around a lot because of his job. We haven't lived in the Kanasai area for a long time. I wanted to see her when she was alive. She was my closest aunt because her daughter and I were close when we were kids. We grew up together. I couldn't believe that this happened again. My mom and I had experienced the similar one when we lost my uncle 18 years ago. At that time we also called 110. I can't understand why my mom and I have to go through or deal with this kind of stuff twice?! I think once is totally enough. A police officer said that it would be happen more from now on because we have so many elderly people who live alone. This made my husband and me think we will never our parents deal with like this. It never won't happen to them.

After the investigation and explanation from the police, we all were so exhausted. When my husband and I got home, it was 10 :30 pm. We missed our lunch and dinner.

This made me think about her death. I think staying healthy is very important to live longer. For that we need some factors. First, we need certain nutrition to keep our body health. ( My aunt had eaten same food over and over again because she lived alone.) We need somebody or a pet to take care. ( My aunt lived alone. She had an ear problem because she had no one to talk.) We need to exercise. ( My aunt couldn't walk well because she hadn't walked for a long time. Her leg muscles were really weak. When she stood up, her legs were shaking.) We shouldn't be stubborn when we get old. ( Her daughter offered to live together many times, but every time she refused it. She didn't use her cain, and she didn't use an ear hearing aid either.) I believe these things made her death earlier. When she finally agreed with that she moved in her daughter's place, it was too late. I have heard she was so looking forward to moving in Tokyo. I think it must be very hard for her to leave her born area, the Kansai area because all her siblings and friends live there. I feel sorry for both my cousin and aunt. I also feel sorry for my mom because she lost two siblings this year, her younger brother two months ago, and her older sister yesterday. She seems to be very sad.

I will see my cousin for the first time in 20 years the day after tomorrow. I don't know how to encourage her, but I will try.