The Most Popular Christmas Gift in America

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Dec 26, 2009 22:20
Today while I was chatting with Zac, we found an very interesting article. When we do language exchanges, we always read same news articles both in English and Japanese. I help his understanding to articles in Japanese, he also helps my understanding to articles in English. To read news article in English is hard for me, but thanks to his helping and reading the same news article in Japanese later, I can understand the contents very well.
I'm about to write about the article about robotic hamsters produced by Zhu Zhu pet's in America.

According to the news, the most popular Christmas gift for kid in America is the robotic hamsters. The cost is only $10. However, it is very popular among young American kids, and it is hard for parents to find them in market. Therefore, they try to buy them on the website like eBay or Craigslist. The robotic hamsters are very scarcity, so the cost is around $100.
It is easy for users to add buying later other accessorise like cars, pet house and so on.
The factors why the hamster is the best hit production is cheap( the price is only $10), scarcity( it is hard to get them right now) and rich of options( people can buy many accessories for the hamsters). The news articles says that the boom is like Tickle Me Elmo or Cabbage Patch Kids.

However, when I read the article, I remembered tamagotchi(たまごっち). When my daughter was three or four years old, tamagotchi was the most popular Christmas gift for Japanese children. The fans of tamagotchi were not only young kids but also adults. However, next year the popularity was reduce quickly and most of people forgot them.
Therefore, I wonder how Japanese people accept this new American toy. Right now I've never seen the toy in Japanese market. However, I'm curious about it would able to the best hit production like America.
Do you think that the toy would be hit in Japan as if twenty years ago Cabbage Patch kids got come to be the best hit production?

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