A Phone Call From Egypt

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Dec 22, 2009 22:16
Today I got a phone call from my mother in Egypt. My parents love going abroad, and they've been spending a Christmas break in Egypt.
I really envy them because compared to here, the weather in Egypt is milder than here.

According to my mother, they had been many museums to see mummies or pyramids. They also looked at many temples. According to my mom, Abu Simbel Temple was the most beautiful and interesting temple.
She also told me that Cairo was very modern city. They met a lot of Japanese tourist there. The temperature in Cairo was around twenty degree Celsius.
They are staying in Aswan right now. It is also the historical city in Egypt, and there are bunch of temples. They are staying at one of the gorgeous hotels. Today they enjoyed Nile river cruse.

When I listened to my mom's story, I was jealous of her very much! I've never been to Egypt.
She bought me a book of Egypt in English, so I'm looking forward to reading it right now. Even if I've been to Egypt, I want to enjoy sightseeing in the book that my mom bought me.

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