Why We Can't Speak Engish Well?!

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Dec 21, 2009 20:48
I think that my Skype friends are all awesome! I've been able to improve my English abilities very much through them. I really appreciate to them.

I have no plane to take eiken( It is a kind of English test to judge our whole English abilities.)or TOEIC. However, If I must to take such kinds of tests, I would do.
I don't need to take the exams right now, and I believe that the tests can't judge our real English abilities.
I'm sure that the real English abilities is that we can communicate with foreign people in English. Therefore, I speak English with my Skype friends or my online English teachers every day, and I also would love to go to English conversation school every day after I finish settling up everything.

Today when I chatted with one of my language exchange partners, Garrett, we discussed why Japanese people can't speak English well even though we've studied English as subject at school at least for six years.
It was very interesting topic for me. Because he's been teaching English for three years in Japan. Therefore, he knows about our English abilities very well. According to him, we don't like speaking English in front of other people because if we would speak wrong sentences in English or if foreign people couldn't understand what we said, we would be afraid of other people would think that we were stupid. Therefore, we don't try to speak English. When I listen to the story, that is one of the reasons. And in our education systems, we have to focus on reading or writing more at school. Our mainly English teachers are also Japanese, and we can sometimes take English classes from foreign teachers now. However, when I was a student, I'd never taken any classes from foreign teachers. Therefore, we are lack of opportunity to speak English with foreign people, and we also don't listen to native speaker's English. Most of us don't know how to communicate with foreign people in English. I think that after we learn how fun it is when we can communicate with them in English, we want to speak English to communicate with them more.

I've already learned about the interesting of communication with American friends in English. It is really fun. I can't stop speaking English. Therefore, I hope that many Japanese learn how interesting it is when we can communicate with foreign friends in English, and we would come to speak English more.