My Scary Experience

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Dec 20, 2009 20:38
Last midnight I have a very scary experience, so I want to share my story with you today.

After I finished taking my online English lesson, I walked my dog as my routine work. Since my dog is big, in addition to that, the weather in Fukui is terrible bad (everyday is snowy day. My dog is always excited when she meets another dogs. I can't control her after she is excited. It is dangerous for me to walk with the dog excited on the snowy road.), I walk my dog midnight except meeting another dogs.

After I walked for one minutes, I found a black object lying on the snowy roadside. At first, I couldn't understand what it was. I approached it to make sure what it was. I realized that it was an umbrella and a human being. I was very surprised at them.
I assumed that it was a dead body. I wondered that he/she was hit by a car and the driver escaped from him. I really didn't wanted to look at his/her bloody body.
Therefore, I hesitated to make sure alone. To tell you to the truth, I have had an experience to see a dead body once before. When my uncle died in the bathroom, my mom and I were the first people to find him. After that the issue was a big trauma for me. For a long time, I couldn't take a bath alone.

In a moment I thought I ignored the person, but if I did, the person definitely would freeze to die. Therefore, I rushed to return back to my house to wake my husband up. When he listened to my excited voice, he was very surprised. My daughter also waked up. I asked my husband to call the police first. The police ordered us to return back toward the place the person lying on the snowy road and make sure that he/she was alive or not, and then call back to the police.

We returned back to the place. However, I couldn't make sure. It was very scared for me, so I was standing behind my husband. My husband asked him, " Are you OK?" over and over again. He replied my husband calling like " Ummmmmmm". According my husband, he was smalled alcohol. After we make sure, my husband called back to the police and the ambulance with his cell phone.

I though although it took for more than five minutes, in fact it was very short time. The two police cars and one ambulance arrived at there at the same time. Five police officers and three rescuer rushed to him. They also asked him with same way as my husband. I thought he was conscious but he was too drunk to answer.
After the police officers questioned us some simple questions like what are our names, how we found him, when our birthdays are or what's my husband cell phone number, we was back to our home.

I don't know he is alive or not. However, I hope that he is alive, and we could save his life.

Thank you so much for reading my long entry and thank you also for correcting my long one.