Snow, snow, snow.

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Dec 18, 2009 20:02
I don't like snowy days. However, everyday is snowy days here!! snowy, snowY, snoWy, snOWY, sNOWY and SNOWY days!!! Not only snowy days, while snowing, everyday is windy days, and we hear the sounds of thunder.
Since I've never heard the sounds of thunder in snowy days, when I listened to them first, I was very surprised at them.

Compared to my previous place, snow in here is more wet, so when I walk around, I always get wet. I really hate it!
The snow in my previous place, Nagano, was powder. Therefore, it isn't inconvenient to walk. In addition there are many nice places for skiing. However, snow in here is too wet to ski.

I really wonder in January or February, when we had much snow here, we would have to shovel the snow in front of our house. However, the snow is very wet, and it contains water is very very heavy.
I really don't want to shovel the snow!!! It seems very tough work for me.
However, I can see a bunch of shovels here and there. I guess that I definitely would have to shovel the snow in recent months.
Oh, my goodness!!!!

I really can't stand the weather because I can't hang on laundries or huton outside. I'm stressed a lot about it. Our drying machine isn't so powerful that I want to buy strong one. And I also want to buy drying machine for huton.
My prayer is that it would stop helping snowing anymore!!!!