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Dec 16, 2009 19:44
Today I chat with my new American friend on Skype. Before I chatted with him, I looked forward to chatting with him very much. Because he's been teaching English at English conversation school for three years in Japan. Therefore, I guessed that he can speak English what we can understand easily. And I also guessed that he is used to listening to our strange pronunciation.

Basically, I can understand American English except very strong accents. Of course, I can't understand what they say 100 percent, but I can catch up with their conversation, and I also can communicate with them in English.

While chatting with him, I'd missed my previous conversation teacher, Sean, very much. Because he and Sean are from same State and graduated from same university. Both of them've gotten married with Japanese wife.
I think that both of them are very good English teachers.

When I chatted with Garrett, I asked him a lot of questions about learning another languages or how he's been teaching English to us.
I think that when people teach something to other people, they need not only teaching abilities but also communication skills, knowledge related to the subjects and perhaps sometimes need knowledge not related to the subjects.
Because if the students' abilities are more advanced than teachers, it is very scary for them. I was a math teacher before, so I can understand it very well.
According to him, he really enjoys teaching English to Japanese students. That is one of the most important things to teach. Teaching is fun, and I think people can improve ourselves through teaching.
I really really want to go to new English conversation school here and would love to meet a nice English teacher who speaks American accented English!!!

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