Do You Know " Pomegranate Phone"?

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Dec 14, 2009 19:27
Today I would love to share a very interesting YouTube video with you. When I took an online English lesson of Filipino teacher, he sent my the link yesterday. I'm sure that while watching it, I was blank face on my facial expression.

Have you listened to the name of "Pomegranate"? Can you guess what kind of topic I want to write from now on?
Maybe you can't understand what I mean. Therefore, watch the video first, then tell me about your opinion.

Here is the video.

What do you think about this new cell phone? After I watched it, I wonder that the cell phone is fake. I can't imagine how the cell phone make coffee??? How does it shave unwanted hair?
Can you imagine that?
However,I'm sure that this gadget is better than i phone. I can watch DVDs in the home theater using it or I can use it like translator expect using phone. It is really really convenient. Don't you think so?
I guess that the phone is just a concept phone, so it isn't yet available in market. However, in the near future we can buy it.
The speed of our technological advance is awesome. Therefore, I'm really looking forward to getting it near future.