About One of My Anxieties

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Dec 12, 2009 18:17
I wonder when I can go back to my painting school. I guess that I can't go to Tokyo to take painting lessons this month. Because I have many things to do in my house. I've been absent from school for two months.
I really really miss my painting school and my best friend, Emiko.

She and I have a plan to study abroad to take painting classes after we master English or German.
In her case she prefers German to English because she had lived in Austria before. She also have an experience to live in New York, but she prefers British accent English.
She's been studying German, and I've been studying English. Because when we studied abroad in European countries, she would help me, in returns when we studied abroad in America, I would help her.
Therefore, we've been studying our interested languages.

We will study abroad six years from now. We have several common things. She and I have only one child. Her daughter is two years older than my daughter. She is also two years older than me.
Both our hobby is porcelain painting. Therefore, when we meet, we can't stop talking about common topics.

On March our painting school has a big exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo. However, I can't finish painting my painting works to the show. I want to send a tea pot, two couples of cup and saucer, sugar pot, creamer and a peace of tray to serve a tea with my hand painting.
I've prepare them since last year. However, I've stopped painting because of transfer and to settle my house. I wonder if I can send them on time or not. I will paint a lot at home after I settle my house, and want to go to school from next month. I do hope that I can come back to school from next month!

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