The Last Day

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Nov 21, 2009 21:12
Tonight is the last day for us to stay here because we will leave from here tomorrow. I'm typing this journal entry in the small space because here and there are filled with tone of boxes. It makes me stressed a lot.
I'm very very tired, and to tell you the truth, I want to go to bed right now.
However, in these days keeping a diary is the only way for me to think something in English. I can't find time to chat with my foreign friends or take online English lessons.
I haven't spoken English since yesterday at all.
I don't know when I can start to take online English lessons or chat with my foreign friends again.
I really miss them though.

After I will arrived at our new place, I must go to city hall to hand in a bunch of applications. I also have to take my daughter to her new school. I guess that I will be still busy to adjust new life for a while.
After I get used to the new life, I will figure out a new English conversation school. If it is possible, I would love to go to school everyday. I also would like to do language exchanges face to face so I will find the partner who can do language exchanges with me. I also have a plan to learn botanical art or something like that in the new place because of improving my painting skills.
Therefore, I must do my best!
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