To Think About Online English Schools

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Nov 19, 2009 19:45
I have some language exchange partners. Except one person, all of them are American. Therefore, I'm used to listening to American accent.
Recently one of them and I try to improve our second language's pronunciation each other. When we do language exchange, we read Japanese folk tales and English folk tales one another. And we check our pronunciation strictly.
I'm sure that this works for us very well. Although we've continued to do this for two weeks, we definitely can judge our improvement.
I think that reading articles in the second language with native speakers is the best way to improve pronunciation.

I'm a student of online English school. All tutors are Filipino at the school. Before I started to do language exchange with native English speakers, I thought that Filipino's tutors English was perfect. That means that they can speak like native English speakers, their expression is like Americans and their pronunciation is also like Americans. However, while I've continued to do language exchange with American friends, I came to realize that their expression or pronunciation are quite different from American people. In addition, even if I've learned English from Filipino's tutors, I can' speak English like American people, and I also can't learn expression like American people.

Now I've changed my mind, and I stop learning English from them. Although I'm still a student of online English, all tutors became my conversation partners. Because they can't teach me American English. When I take their lessons, I enjoy talking with them. Although I don't want to learn English from them, I would love to come to express my thoughts clearer through chatting with them.

In result if we would like to master American English, it is the shortest cut to learned English from American teachers.