My Next Goal

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Nov 17, 2009 19:37
Recently I'm interested in English documentaries or histories to watch on Youtube. And I enjoy watching the videos in English almost everyday. Therefore, I can listen to media's English little by little.

In my case, conversation English is the easiest to understand. I have a BIG trouble to listen to recorded English. I can't understand English movies, TV shows, News and English songs from listening to them once.
On the other hand, I can understand recorded English dialogs when I listen to them.
The most hardest one is to understand English movies, New or TV shows without subtitles or duns.

I guess that when I listen to English conversation, I can guess the contents even if I can't understand perfectly. However, when I watch movies or TV shows, I can't expect next phrase. Therefore, it is hard for me. In addition, people speak English their natural speed with various accents or people speak English slang or idiomatic expression more. Even if I can't understand, nobody explain me about it.

Since I can come to communicate with foreign friends in English easier day by day, my next target is to focus on watching DVDs more. My prayer is that I can understand English movies, News or TV shows without subtitles. Therefore, I would love to watch English videos everyday.

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