My Voice Sounds High Pitch?!

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Nov 12, 2009 20:30
When I was chatting with my favorite language exchange partner, Zac, we were talking about Japanese females' voice tone.
I've heard that Asian females' voice tone is higher pitch than Western females. In fact, Zac told me that when he listened to my voice for the first time, he was surprised at my high tone voice.
According to the story, deeper voice sounds more smart than higher pitch voice.
However, my voice tone is high pitch, and I can't speak with deeper voice.

Compared to Western females, I think that both Asian females voice and looks are younger than our real age.
I don't know why though.
Some of my language partners and my Filipino English teachers always that Japanese females' voice is especially higher, and they are sometimes amazed that our voice. Maybe our voice sounds awkward for them.

On the other hand, all my language exchange partners are guys; when I listen to their Japanese, all of their voice tone change higher than they speak English. It is very interesting for me.
Maybe when they speak Japanese, they use different part of voice cords. If it is true, I can understand why Japanese women's voice tone is higher than Western women.
If I can use the same voice cords when I speak English, maybe I also can speak English with deeper voice.
Therefore, I would like to try to speak English with deeper voice.

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