Yesterday's Experience

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Nov 11, 2009 20:01
Recently I'm very busy to pack stuff before we will move to another place. However, when I have extra time to chat with my foreign friends, I'm enjoy chatting with them.

Yesterday I chatted with one of my language exchange partners who is from England. Thanks to him I've gotten used to listen to British accent. While we were chatting, his daughter came home from school. Since he is very kind, he asked his daughter to speak to me in English. I really enjoyed chatting with her for a while.
We talked about the difference of our education systems, the future or something.
I was happy that I could understand what she said, and she also understood what I said. We had no problem to communicate each other at all.

After the conversation, his son also came home from school activity. He's played soccer everyday. My British friend also asked his son to speak to me in English. I had two experiences to speak to British young people in English.
Actually I have two young American friends. While I was talking with them, I imagined that I was speaking to my young American friends.

I had a precious experience which I talked to British young people yesterday. I always think that I would love to speak various generation people in English because I want to feel confidence more. Therefore, yesterday's experience gave me a big confidence.