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Nov 10, 2009 20:35
When we suddenly understand the language which we have been learning without thinking, it makes us happy.
Today I had an same experience to watch the Japanese news.

In Japan recently we hear a lot of brutal murders' news here and there. One of the most famous murders was arrested just thirty minutes ago. After he killed a British woman who were teaching English in Japan, he had been escaping for two years. While he was escaping, he had a several plastic surgery on his face. The woman's father had come to Japan to appeal to search the murder many times until he was arrested. The police struggled to search him, and two weeks ago one efficient tips which he was witnessed in Nagoya was broadcast through the media. At all he was arrested in Osaka though.

When I watched the news, the news caster suddenly spoke English and started to interview to the sufferer's father. When I listened to the father's English, I could understand his English most of parts. Since my daughter was curious about his English, I translated it into Japanese to her. Usually when we listen to English interview through the media, we can read dialogs in Japanese. However, the interview was suddenly happened; the dialog didn't seem to prepare in time. Therefore, I could listen to the English interview without Japanese dialogs.
The father was crying and appreciated to Japanese polices.

I'm very happy I can understand media's English step by step. I would like to listen to English news more from now on.