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Nov 7, 2009 20:14
After I read one of my language exchange partners, Zac's today's journal entry on lang-8, I thought about his question. In his entry he asked us when we satisfied with our second language to master.

In my case I don't feel a confidence to speak English at all. My language exchange partners tell me that my English sounds confidence and they can understand what I say. My pronunciation is also comfortable although it has unique accents.
I wonder when I can say that I can speak English in public speech.
This question seems to be very hard for me to answer.
I can't find the good answer about his question.

Maybe I can't have an enough confidence to communicate with foreign people in English. It is still hard for me to understand English movies or TV shows. If I can get to understand the English from movies or TV shows, can I say that I can speak English very well?

I've spoken English for four to six hours everyday. However, I don't think that I can speak English. I also ask myself when I can say that I can speak English in public.