Japanese Kawaii and English Cute

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Nov 5, 2009 19:08
Yesterday after I read one of my lang-8 friends’ journal entry, I thought that I wrote this entry. In the entry she wrote about Japanese word " kawaii".

I think Japanese "kawaii" and English "cute" are a bit different. Our kawaii has a lot of meaning. For example, when we look at a "cute" dog, we think it is kawaii. The cute meaning and our kawaii meaning are same, I think. On the other hand We use kawaii for guys. For examples, when I listen to my language exchange partners' Japanese phrases, I sometimes think that their Japanese sounds very kawaii. I think when Gaijins speak Kansai accents, it sounds very kawaii for me. When I ate lunch with one of my partner, Mark, he ate a peace of cake with big smiling like kids. I thought he is very kawaii. In fact his behavior is always kawaii for me. Maybe I don't have sons; he and I have a big generation gap. In addition, American people are good at expressing their happy feelings. Therefore, maybe I always think he is kawaii.
If I express my kawaii feeling with using "cute", I guess that my foreign friends can't understand my feelings.

I think kawaii is one of the words which we can't translate into English. Therefore, when I describe kawaii feelings, I always use " kawaii" to my language exchange partners. I hope my entry is helpful for your Japanese knowledge.