My Fourth Day in Michigan

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Apr 17, 2015 11:23
My Fourth Day in Michigan

Time flies. Even though I still have some jet lag, my feelings are getting better and better. I am quite enjoying hanging out with my American friends in English!

Tonight I played a Bingo game. Do you know that for language learners it's one of the hardest parts to catch up with numbers with natural speed? I've been attending this porcelain school for 5 years, and it's my fifth time to play the Bingo game in English. When I played it in English for the first time, it was really difficult for me to follow their natural speed. I needed my American friends' help a lot because I always got confused and mixed number 7 and 9. I think this time was the best for me. I could enjoy playing the game pretty good.

Every time I go back to the States, these small things make me feel good.