Let's Enjoy Debating!

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Sep 27, 2009 20:47
Today became a special day for me. Because this is my first time to beat one of my language exchange partners, Zac, on debate in English.

It was quite long sight for me to beat him. Because in Japan we don't get such education at school. Most of us aren't good at discussing the theme which is given, or debating something with others.
Therefore, when I discuss something with Zac in our conversation, even if we sometimes debate, I've never beat him before. When we debate, we sometimes do in Japanese. Although Japanese is my mother tongue, I can't beat him, and then I always feel disappointed.

Through today's conversation I learned many things from Zac. If we want to persuade others, we must have a strong opinion and back it up. If we can show a good example through our experience, it is better for us to persuade. Because there is nothing more than the opinion with experience. Even if your opponent try to turn loud on you, don't hesitate his/her attitude. All you have to do is that you believe that your opinion is right, and keep on up showing him/her various examples until they stop disagreeing with you.

I can't speak English fluently, and my vocabulary is really poor though, today's event gave me a confidence. And I could realize that debating is fun. I want to appreciate Zac to make me realize it.
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