My First English Essay

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Sep 26, 2009 20:46
If I can listen to English and speak English all the time, how comfortable it is for me. Because I love English so much!

I started to learn English conversation two years ago. At that time I couldn't speak English at all. I have a dream to study abroad to take porcelain painting classes in the United States. Therefore, I've learned American English for two years.
When I started to study English conversation, I became a student of an online English school. I've taken group lessons every day for one hour for eight months though, I couldn't speak English as what I imagined. I felt frustrated and stress a lot because I couldn't express what I wanted to say, and I reduced to take classes step by step. I almost gave up to study English. I've lost confident perfectly.

One day I figured out other online English school. At the school I could take online one on one English lesson every day for one hour.
I jumped at the school to become a student. I tried to speak English every day for one hour, and after six months, I wanted to speak to native English speakers. Because all my online English teachers are Filipinos, and they can't speak English like native speakers. In my case, I have a plan to study abroad in the United State so I needed to be used to hearing their accents.

I'm a user of, and I found a nice person who is American and just started to learn Japanese there. He also looked for the partner who can teach him Japanese. We became language exchanging partners soon and taught our first languages each other. I couldn't understand his English at first but I've kept on listening to his English every day and I got used to listening to his accent. Luckily, I found another language exchange partner on lang-8. He is an also American who studies Japanese. He had a plan to study abroad in Japan this autumn. Therefore, he also wanted to do language exchange with native Japanese speakers. I also become his partner and did language exchanges every day. Thanks to them, my speaking ability and hearing ability are amazing improved. Two years ago I was very scared to speak English with native speakers though, I'm not afraid of speaking English even in a group conversation with all of them are Americans.

Now I have plural language exchange partners and enjoy speaking English every day. I want to speak English more than six hours a day. One of my language exchange partner told me that all I need to do is having a confidence to be able to speak English more. If I have the confidence, my English will become stronger and sounds more fluently. Therefore, I want to keep a diary every day and I also would love to read English books every day to be able to think something in English more quickly, to increase my vocabulary, to be able to write English essays. I'm sure that thoes kind of thinks will give me a strong confidence that I can speak English fluently even if I can't still speak English fluently.

Thank you so much for reading my first essay. Since I don't know how to write an English essay, please teach me where is wrong, what is right and how to write.

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