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Sep 19, 2009 22:13
I didn't know how wonderful the DVDs series which I rent the day before yesterday.
Today I watched them for 2 hours. Each story has one hour so I watched two stories without subtitles.
I couldn't understand small details of stories though, I could understand the summary of whole stories.
Each story has full with family love and the family helps each other when they meet a trouble of family member.
Each family members always think of other family member. After I watched two stories, I teared because of their beautiful stories.
I was moved a lot. I love the video series and tomorrow I also want to watch one story or two stories.

I ordered all books of this series on Amazon. DVDs don't follow the story of books and compared to DVDs and books, books are more hard to understand. Because if I can't understand their English, DVD helps me with screen. However, since each story is wonderful, I really would love to watch the DVDs without subtitles.