English DVDs

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Sep 16, 2009 22:43
Today I went to the video shop to lend some English DVDs. I found the good TV series there and lent 6 DVDs. One of them is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and left of five are Little House of the Prairie. When I was a younger, I loved watching these series. I remembered some stories though, I forgot most of them.
When I watched them before, I watched them with dubbing in Japanese though, I will try to watch them in English in this time.

When I chatted to my best Chinese friend on Skype today, she told me that if I'm sure that I can do, it will come true and I will be able to do. She is a quite optimistic person, and she always encourage me a lot. Although I've heard that it is really helpful for me to watch English DVDs, I couldn't go into action. After I chatted her, I wanted to watch English DVDs and went to the shop. I think that she push me to try to watch English DVDs.

I want to watch English DVDs everyday for more than thirty minutes from now on. I'm sure that I can improve my listening skill from watching English DVDs.
After I walk my dog, I'm going to watch the DVD soon. I can't wait!!