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Sep 14, 2009 23:52
I finished reading the book which my best friend, Zac, sent me before. The title is " Teacher's Pet". The story was very interesting. When I read English books, I read them without using a dictionary. Therefore, I sometimes can't understand thought, I can concentrate on just reading. This way is comfortable for me to read English books.

This book is written about dogs and humans' friendship. The boy, Neil, loves dogs and his parents run pet shop. He helps his parents' shop every day and trains dogs every day.
His dog, Sam, is a very smart dog and he and Sam are best friends.
One day when he was walking Sam, he met a Dalmatian that has a big trouble between her owner.
The story starts like this. In the book since there are many dogs and humans and their names sound similar, I sometimes got confused.

Since I'm a dog lover, I enjoyed reading this book very much. While I read the scene which Neil was training Dotty, it remained me that I trained my dog, Lala before. She was also disobedient dog and it was hard for me to obey. According to the book, Dotty is so bad that she already dropped out of four dog training schools. And her owner, Mr.Hamley, is Neil's school teacher. The story describes each relationship between Neil and his teacher, Mr. Hamley, Mr. Hamley and Dotty and other dogs and their owners very well.
After I read the book, I felt that I wanted to hug my dog, Lala.

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