Push Myself More!

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Aug 31, 2009 18:31
I'm going to listen to English tapes more from now on. I want to try to do dictation after I listen to the tapes. I will remember English phrases or new words from the tapes.

I can speak basic phrase and handle them to communicate with my foreign friends though, I can't discuss difficult themes. Because I don't know too much vocabulary or English phrases. When I speak English, I always feel frustration and stress. I would love to speak English without any negative feelings. Therefore, I must keep English phrases and increase vocabulary more in my mind. I'm sure that my pronunciation is developing right now. I want to use a lot of websites for studying English and would like to improve my English skills more and more.

In addition, I want to try to read English books more. I'm reading English books which are written for children everyday. I'm happy that I really enjoy reading them without using a dictionary. However, I look unknown words into a dictionaries like an English-English dictionary and a English-Japanese dictionary to increase vocabulary after I finished reading them once. It is really good practice for me.

I'm sure that I can increase vocabulary and become to discuss difficult theme with my foreign friends or English teachers. I also hope that my English will sounds more natural.