To Mark

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Aug 28, 2009 19:05
I would love to send well-wishing words to my best American friend, Mark before he will leave America. He and I met on language exchange site and became friends. We've done language exchange for 5 months to talk on Skype everyday. The he leaves America to study abroad in Japan before long.

I've remembered about our first talking. He seemed to be very nervous because it was first time to talk to a Japanese person. We talked with my another best friend, Zac in our group conversation. Mark was very calm and quiet at that time and didn't talk too much.
After we got along with each other, he opened his heart in front of me and while we've discussed many things, we became best friends.

Although maybe it is tough for him to live in Japan, I'm sure that he can make it! Because I know that he is a persevering person. He studies Japanese language constantly and is willing to make a effort to master Japanese. I've learned from him how it is one of the important things to continue studying. It is one of the most difficult things though. We've shared several negative feelings like depression, frustration, stress with each other when we couldn't express our thoughts in second language. When I depressed, he cheered me up and he made me think positively. When he felt down, I encouraged him and pushed him. We've improved our second language like that.

Mark, I'm sure that you can succeed to study abroad in Japan and master Japanese. I can't find good English words to encourage you. Therefore, I will send you my best favorite Japanese word 頑張れ!