To Increase English Vocablary

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Aug 27, 2009 18:49
I try to make my original English vocabulary notebook from now on. I'm focus on reading English books right now to increase my English vocabulary. I read it without using a dictionary first and when I find unknown words in the book, I mark the words with a highlighter then I read it with an English-English dictionary again. If I can't understand the synonyms with an English-English dictionary, I'll look the words into an English-Japanese dictionary.
I'll write down all unknown words on my notebook with synonyms and antonyms and I can make my own English vocabulary notebook at last.

I'll also write down simple and basic English phrases on my notebook from the English book which I'm reading right now.
Although I'm reading very easy children English books right now, I can't understand even these books completely and I can find many natural English expression in the books.

I'm sure that I can increase basic and easy words and phrases more first through bunch of easy English books. After that I'd love to try to read more difficult books step by step with same way to increase my vocabulary.

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