A Part of Japanese Odd Culture ~ Pee Game Machines in Male Toilets

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Jun 7, 2015 23:36
A Part of Japanese Odd Culture ~ Pee Game Machines in Male Toilets

This is from my blog. If you want to watch the YouTube video clips, please visit my blog. Thank you. Here is the URL: https://yumiyumayume.wordpress.com/

Hi there!

How have you been? Recently, Japan is very chilly and I got a cold. I have a headache, slightly a favor and can’t stop coughing. I hope you all are doing well.

Well, today I want to introduce a part of our weird culture to you all. To be honest with you, I didn’t know about this game machine at all until my friend from Texas told me. When he shared some youtube videos about the games, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Japanese Pee Game Machine 1

Japanese Pee Game Machine 2

These machines are only in public male toilets, Tokyo. I asked about if my hubby has seen the machines in public male toilets in Osaka, and he said he has never seen the game machines before. The game machines are free and while peeing, people can enjoy completing the games, lol. Please grow up, Japanese guys! Don’t you think so? I can’t understand why adults guys want to compete peeing speed, height or whatever. Don’t you think this is really weird?

After I watched the video clips that Matt shared with me, I thought “Aw, it’s really pathetic”, and I felt even embarrassment. I really want people to use these kind of high technologies to other things that we can proud more.

I want to ask all male people. Do you want to play with the game while peeing? My British friend and his dad said, “Yes!”. He also told me that his son definitely would wants to try it. Matt also told me that he wanted to make a record and beat everybody. Come one, is it universal thing that guys can’t grow up????

What do you think about these machines and guys?