Painting Class For Yesterday

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Aug 26, 2009 22:17
My summer vacation of my painting school was over and classes started. I'm a student of porcelain painting school and I've learned how to paint on porcelain at my school. I take several different classes there. I take three courses and one is European style painting course, second is portrait painting course and last one is Japanese style porcelain painting course called Aritayaki.

Since I have a big exhibition for students at my painting school, I must finish many masterpieces. Especially in my case since I takes three courses, I must paint masterpieces for European course and portrait course.

Although I've already started to paint works for European course, I didn't start to paint for portrait course. Therefore, I've started since yesterday. I have a plan to paint angels on porcelain lamp. I'm sure that it must be elegant. I have many homework right now and I'm wondering how I make time to learn English but I would love to keep going on both studying English and painting.