English Lesson For Today

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Aug 25, 2009 03:23
I go to English conversation school every Monday. Although my classmates are three including me, they are always absent from school and I can keep my English teacher, Sean alone.

Today I met a new classmate there. She is a doctor and just returned back to her studying abroad in Switzerland.
All my classmate are intelligent students, and one is a dentist and the the other is a worker on IT.
Therefore, their English isn't good and all of them can't catch Sean's English. He speaks American accents with very first speed.

When I met a new classmate who is a doctor, I expected that she must speak English fluently. However, after I listened to her English, I was disappointed at that. Her English's level was also lower than mine and she couldn't catch Sean's English either.

After class, I though of studying abroad. In her case she just studied abroad for four weeks. Could she improve her speaking skills for four weeks? Since I don't know about her English before studying abroad, I guess that she wasted time there. Although Japanese people tend to think that studying abroad is the best way to improve their speaking abilities, I don't think so. Because I have some friends who had an experience to live abroad for a long time but they can't speak English at all. One of my friends who knows how to paint had lived in New York for eight years but she can't speak English at all.
I think we can master another language no matter where we live. The most important thing is how we make a effort to master the language. In addition, if you can have an opportunity to study abroad, you should study their culture, history or religions more. Because I think that languages are based on them, and they have a close relationship.