Meeting A New Friend On Skype

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Aug 24, 2009 21:42
Today I met a new American friend who is a Japanese learner on Skype. Since both my language partners, Mark and Zac were busy, I knew that I couldn't talk to them though, I stayed online on Skype.
Because they told me that they might be talk to me if they had time.

Most of my Skype friends are users of or lang-8 and I met them through them.
However, in this case, I met my new friend just through Skype. According to him, he is a Japanese learner who look for Japaneses friends who can teach Japanese. He found my name on and contacted with me.

When I received his Japanese text at first, I felt scared. Because I didn't know how he found me. I had several troubles on Skype after I accepted stranger's friend's offer. Therefore, I'm always careful to accept new friend's request from strangers. When I knew that he wanted to voice chat, I was afraid of him. Because I noticed that he uses a web cam. When I talked to Mark or Matthew at first, they also used a web cam though, I wasn't afraid of them. Because I already trusted them. However, this is my first meeting to him and I don't know about him at all. I hesitated a lot but I accepted his call at last.

Before I talked to him, I asked him a favor that don't use a web cam. Then we started to talk. We finally enjoyed talking and he became my new American friend. I decided to talk to him from time to time and do language exchange. I was lucky about this case but I should be careful to strangers on Skype.