I Wanna Try It Someday!

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Aug 23, 2009 18:53
I enjoyed taking a nap today. Recently I was always tired and lacked of sleep. Now my brain is fulled of energy and I can have new ideas. I can be optimist right now.

During napping, I had a dream. In the dream I was a university student in America. I'd studied abroad in the US in my dream. I could speak English like native speakers and I enjoyed campus life with young students.

After I watched my dream, I analyzed my dream. I always want to improve my English and feel a lot of stress and frustration when I speak English with my Skype friends or my English conversation teachers.
I know I can't avoid the feelings so long as I study English conversation though, I want to speak English without any negative feelings. I think the negative feelings made me have a such dream.
And I thought that since I already have a degree of Japanese university, although I don't need it, I want to try to be a corresponding student of university of the US. It must be interesting! After I improve my writing and reading abilities, I really want to challenge it.
I want to be able to speak, discuss, debate more intelligent topics like American university students. I really want to be able to write more ingredient sentences. I would love to be able to read more difficult literary works not for kid's books!
Therefore, in the future I want to try it.