It Was Too Much Fun!

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Aug 22, 2009 19:04
I started to talk to my youngest American friend, Brandon who is 12 years old one on one on Skype. Before I talked to him, I was very nerves for talking to him. Because he is only a 12-years old boy and I really wondered if he could understand my English or not and if I could catch him or not. My American best friend, Mark was anxious about me and he played roll-playing with me before I talked to Brandon. Therefore, we could communicate with each other and enjoy our conversation. I was very surprised that I could communicate with young person.
This was my first time to talk to an under 15-years old person.

Brandon just started to study Japanese because his cousin, Zac, is a diligent Japanese learner and Zac gave him a big influence.
In our conversation I checked Brandon's Japanese pronunciation. Because I know that pronunciation is one of the most important things to communicate with native speakers. I have some trouble to communicate with my foreign friends because of my bad pronunciation.
When I talked with Mark yesterday, because my pronunciation was horrible bad, he got confused a lot.
It happened to me a lot. Therefore, I want Brandon to speak Japanese with good pronunciation.

We talk every Friday night regularly one on one on Skype. I'm looking forward to talking to him next Friday.

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