I Wanna Be Like Trees

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Aug 21, 2009 21:53
I like to communicate with foreign friends through Skype. I've studied English conversation for two years and I think if we want to improve our communication abilities, we need to know their culture, thinking ways and religions more.
Because I think that languages are based on their culture.

When I talked to my best American friend, Zac, he told me very moving story today.
Although we were talking about how to improve our second language, it is hard for us to judge our improving degree and I told him about such story. Although he is a only 16-year old boy, his thinking way is always like mature person and that's why he is my best friend.

According to his story, our improving degree is like trees' growth speed. We can't notice trees' growth speed but trees are growing everyday and nobody can stop their growing. If we took their pictures of their growth process, maybe we could find their growth speed with comparing with some pictures.
That process looks like that we sometimes check our past journal entries, hearing our past recorded voice or result of TOEIC and son on. After we checked them, we realize that we've improved indeed.
And he also explained that if the trees' roots became stronger, trees could be fine trees. We are as same as trees. If we study hard like that trees consume waters or nutrition, we can master second language like that trees become big and fine trees which can bloom or bear fruits.

After I listened to his metaphorical story, I touched a lot.
In addition, I was surprised that American teenagers' thoughts because even I can't explain my opinion like that.
I learned a lot from his story and I knew American people's thoughts. I believe that this experience is surely useful for improving my communication ability.