To Push Myself

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Aug 19, 2009 20:53
After my PC was broken, I can't study English enough well. Since my old PC is really low spec, I can watch no YouTube videos in English. It takes quite long time to download websites. My connection with wi-fi is always bad and I have to cancel my online English lessons so many times. It also happens to me that I can't talk to my Skype friends several times.
All of them make me feel frustration.

In the bad situation, I had some inspiring experiences with my best two Skype friends.
I wanna share my feeling and thoughts with other friends. Although I'm not good at expressing my feeling in English, I try to do my best.

I have several Skype friends who have already mastered their second language. I love listening to their success stories because all their stories motivates me a lot.
Today I talked to my Chinese friend with my best two American friends on Skype. I also talked with her yesterday though, I couldn't introduce my another best friend to her yesterday. Therefore, through today's conversation I wanted to introduce him to her.
We discussed humans' personality today. Although she is a Chinese person, she has already mastered Japanese and can also speak English fluently. I feel sympathy a lot to her because she is as same age as me and we are both Asian females.

Now she moved to the US and works there. She explained us how hard for her to work in another country with another language. It was over my imagination. She had many failures over and over again and she sometimes depressed but she is always positive. She always think that today isn't a good day but tomorrow will be better than today. She also says that we can master second language certainly with no relating where we live. If we make a effort, we can master it into our own country. I really believe her words.
She told me that I should have more confidence about my English and encouraged me a lot. I know that my English level isn't the level that I can work in the US right now. Although I have no plan to work there, I really want to improve my speaking level as same as her.

We exchanged our opinions each other and had a great conversation at that time.
All we are language learners and we could share our negative feeling about studying another language. We also could change our negative feeling to positive feeling with friends' encouragement. I'm very glad that I have such wonderful friends who keep their motivation in high level.

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