My Chinese Friend

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Aug 18, 2009 22:28
Today I talked to my Chinese friend on Skype for the first time. She and I met here on lang-8. Although for a long time I had wanted to talk to her, it hadn't fulfilled in a moment. Therefore, I'm very glad to talk to her. I think we will become good friends from now on.

Our first talking was a kind of strange. I sometimes use language exchange site which is called shared talk. Today while I was waiting for my American friend's online on Skype, I wanted to talk to strangers who are learning English or native English speakers. On the site we can voice chat. Although most of time I can't enjoy talking with strangers on the site because our conversation always starts from our introduction and we just chat. However when I want to listen to different accents English, I sometimes use the site to talk to strangers. That is good practice for me to listening to another accent English.

When I was waiting for a call by someone on the site, I got the call suddenly. I started to talk to her and listened to her English accent, I guessed she is Chinese. Because I've talked some Chinese people who are learning English before. However while we continued to talk, I was amazed that her English sounds like native English speakers, and she spoke English fluently. After while, I recognized that she is one of my lang-8 friends. After she found me on the site, she tried to contact with me because she also wanted to talk to me for a long time. Although she is Chinese, she lives in the US right now and works there. She also speaks Japanese fluently. I have some friends who are non native English speakers and can speak English like native English speakers. She is one of them and her English level is the level that she is able to work in the US. After we talked for a while on the site, we talked on Skype again.

I thought after talking with her, my listening ability is so so good but my speaking ability isn't good at all. Although I have no plan to work in the US, I really want to improve my speaking skills as same level as her. Today's conversation with her motivated me a lot. I want to do my best and improve my speaking skills.

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