It Is Hard For Me To Express My Thinking In English

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Aug 17, 2009 21:19
I have a question. If you can't express your thinking in another language which you are studying, how do you try to describe it?
Do you try to communicate with a body language? If you can't use a body language in front of them, what do you say?
Do you give up to communicate them?

I have some experience like that. I have a student of double schools. One is a real English conversation school, and the other is an online English conversation school.
Since my English teacher at real conversation school, Sean can speak Japanese, if I can't understand his English, he suggests me some Japanese words. However, my online English teachers are all Filipinos, and they can't speak Japanese at all, I make some trouble with them. I can understand their conversation but I sometimes can't explain my thinking well.
Although at that time, I try to figure out different phrases, it is quite hard for me to explain my thinking.

I know why I can't express my thinking well. That's why my English vocabularies are very poor. I must remember more synonyms and antonyms. How do you remember new words? How do you keep new words in your mind? They are also hard for me.