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Aug 14, 2009 19:08
I feel frustration a lot with this old PC. Because I can't keep good connection with my study buddies. I use it with wi-fi but it is quite bad. Today I tried to show my best friend, Zac who lives in the US how to make a curry-rice through a web cam. He is interested in Japanese cuisine and two days later a Japanese exchange student will come to stay at his house for ten months. Since I knew that he wanted to cook Japanese cuisine for his exchange student, I tried to show him how to make. However, it was very hard for me. My daughter helped me a lot to show him and we struggled against a bad connection for a while.
We cut off the connection repeatedly and we finally could succeed to show him the video.
It took one and half hours to recover our connection.
In addition, my voice sounded very choppy today and I made my Skype friends feel frustrated a lot.
Although I talked my best two friends, Mark and Zac on Skype, both them couldn't catch me well.
I have a plan to start to talk to another American friend on Skype nearly days. I really wonder if I can keep good connection or not.
I hope I can talk to my all friends on Skype without frustration.
I really hope that I can get a new PC as soon as possible.