I Finished Reading a Second English Book

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Aug 12, 2009 20:50
Finally I finished reading " Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in English without using a dictionary today.
It took fifteen days for me to complete reading the book.
Since it was quite interesting story, I enjoyed reading it.

I think the author of this book, Roald Dahl, has great imagination like children. Therefore, although it is written for children, I could enjoy putting myself into the story and felt like being Charlie. I felt sympathy with Charlie a lot.
I was disappointed when Charlie couldn't get the Golden Ticket but I jumped up to be glad in my mind when he got the last one after later. I was touched by the scene which his grandpa Joe gave him his last money to buy another chocolate bar. I was thrilled when Charlie met Oooma-Loonpas at first and I was excited to read about Mr. Wonka's various inventions. He is a cool business person who is a inventor. I think all children wants his inventions obviously because even me wanted his wonderful inventions. Since I love happy ending story, I love the story. The ending is really good for me.

Since he had written many books for children, I would like to read his books more. Because this level's English books is comfortable for me to read. I think reading his books is a good way to improve my reading speed. I want to watch the DVD of " Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" without Japanese subtitles. I believe that I certainly can enjoy watching the movie because the story was too interesting.
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