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Oct 17, 2019 13:35

Do you know that how we call a baby dragon in English? The answer is a dragonet. I have known we call a baby lion, a cub, but I didn't know the term the dragonet. When I learned the new term, I thought it was very interesting.

When I talked to my friend from Texas on Skype today, I tasted him if he knew about this. He didn't know the term, but he said that he almost would say the dragonet. Then, he explained the reason.

The story was fascinating to me. He told me that the word, et or net associate with small. For example, "pipe" plus et is "pipette" or "cigar" plus et is "cigarette". When I heard the story, I thought a dragon baby is called a dragonet made sense to me and I won't forget the term.