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Jun 17, 2009 20:11
It is hard for me to catch numbers in English from listening just once
because how to count numbers in English is different from Japanese and I don't used to hearing numbers in English.
I had practice to catch numbers in learning language with my American Skype friend Mark. He is also my best friend and we are talking everyday. He is also diligent Japanese learner like Zac.

He will study abroad in Japan from this September. I'm really really looking forward to meeting him in a person in Japan.
When he comes to Japan, I think he must listen to numbers in Japanese. And it is also hard for him to catch numbers in Japanese.

Yesterday we exchanged a lot of kind of numbers to listen to each other. For example normal numbers, zip codes, phone numbers, price numbers, address numbers, birth years, room numbers and so on.The most hardest one for me was normal numbers. I often misunderstood seventeen or seventy, nineteen or nineteen and I sometimes even misunderstood seven or nine.
He taught me so various way of saying numbers that I knew the way of saying room numbers for the first time. It was a kind of surprise for me.

I want to continue this lesson with him and I also want to take the lesson with Zac.
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