My Eleventh Book in English This year

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Apr 29, 2015 00:05
My Eleventh Book in English This year

Yesterday I finished my eleventh book, Little Rascal, in English this year. When I found the book at a church sale, I was very happy. The book was from my favorite TV shows when I was ten years old. I am so glad that I could read the original story in English!

Every time I turned a page of the book, my sister and my childhood popped up in my mind. The story is about the author's childhood. He is writing about his pet, raccoon whose name is Rascal and his boyhood in 1910's. So, when I read it, I learned a part of American history at the same time. Illustrations are very cute, and they pull you to the author's world easily. I enjoyed the book to imagine Rascal, 1910's America and Sterling's boyhood. The texts of the book was also very pretty. They are very poetic and fantasy. I really really loved the book.

This book hasn't been published anymore and very rare right now. It has become one of my antique collections!