A Good Day

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Sep 16, 2012 22:48
I had a great time with my family today. We went to our hometown to meet our parents in our both sides. Fast of all, we met my husband's parents. Two of them are over 80's, but they seemed to be very fine. We ate Sushi, Tempura, Miso-soup and some boiled veggies with soy sauced flavor as lunch.

After that we went to my parents' house. They are younger than my husband's parents. They told me that they were looking forward us to moving to the Kansai region six months from now. After we heard the story, we thought moving closer to our parents' house might be the best even though it would not be convenient for my husband's going to his company. We haven't decided it yet, but we have to think about it.

On the way to home, we stopped by an outlet shopping mall. I bought a lovely bag for this autumn and some clothes. When we came here last time, my daughter took me around and I was so tired. This time she was thinking about me and we enjoyed shopping together. My husband was happy because he got some really good pairs of shoes. I'm glad to realize that our daughter is getting more mature.