I'd Like to Have My Specialities

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Sep 11, 2012 22:15
Today I went to Nomi city to take my Kutani painting class. I've been taking the classes twice a month for a year. My Kutani teacher has been teaching me very serious and hard. Thanks to him, I've been getting better.

He gave me three old Kutani magazines that were full of colored Old Kutani painting pictures. Before I started painting the Kutani style, I didn't know that there were so many different styles in Kutani. The most famouse style in Japan is called Ko-Kutani (古九谷) in Japanese, but the most beautiful styles for me are Shoza (床三) and Akae (赤絵). Ko-Kutani is dynamic, powerful and very simple, and on the other hand both Syoza and Akae are very delicate, elegant and have a lot of details. My teacher told me that I should have my specialty. I'd really love to become good at both Shoza and Akae! Since the styles are more advanced, I haven't practiced them yet. The Kutani styles need very elegant thin lines, and I've been struggling with drawing the perfect thin lines with my tiny small brushes in the Ko-Kutani style. I think it needs a long way for me to master my favorite styles, but I'm willing to try it because it's really worthwhile to master them and become the expert painter in Kutani! I think if I'd like to become an international painter, having my specialities is very important. I'd love to brush up my specialities.