Japanese White Porcelain

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Aug 14, 2012 22:12
Today I left our house early morning to go to Kanazawa City to take my Kutani painting class. When I arrived at Fukui station, I realized that there were so many people. My current region where I live is famous with a lot of rain, and since yesterday we have had a lot of rain. All trains bound for Osaka has been stopping and many people have stuck in the station.
Since I would go to the opposite way, I got in the train bound for Kanazawa City. The train was also full of children with their parents. I realized that it was a summer break and many people enjoyed their family trips.

When I arrived at the Komatsu station, my Kutani teacher was waiting for me as usual. I was looking forward to going to his house today because I have ordered some Japanese white porcelain for Kutani painting. After I move to Osaka, I'm planning on learning a part of Japanese culture called "Kodo (香道)". I've ordered him some white porcelain for the kodo. We call the contents kouro (香炉).

He showed me some of them and I bought four different designs from him. He also gave me very interesting Japanese white pottery. It was a Japanese pipe called "kiseru (煙管)". When I was a kid, I saw some of them at my grandparents' house in my dad's side. For a long time I haven't seen them, and I completely forgot about it because it's a kind of our dead culture. It's recently very rare for us to see the Japanese pipes, and I don't think my daughter knows about it. It suddenly reminded me of my grandparents. He showed me his hand painted kiseru. It was very beautiful and I loved his idea. I've never seen Kutani kiseru before.

When I showed the kiseru white porcelain to my husband, he also said it was very rare and felt nostalgic. I'm so excited to paint both on kouro and kiresu. After I paint on them, I'd love to show my work on my blog!

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