My Conversatonal Partner

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Aug 5, 2012 23:39
Today I chatted with my American friend on Skype for the first time almost in two years in English. He was one of my conversational partners two years ago and we had been chatting almost every day for two years.
After he got a girlfriend, he quit studying Japanese and talking to me.
After his circumstances changed, he went back to studying Japanese.

When I was talking to him, he was a high school boy, but now he turned a college boy. Even though he was a high school boy, he was one of my best conversational partners. He had been studying Japanese so hard and he was one of my motivation to keep on studying English. I think finding good conversational partners is very difficult because we need the similar levels of motivation for the languages that we have been studying, and even though we can find such the person, it's also hard for us to keep on talking for a long time.

That's why I'm so glad he comes back to study Japanese again!
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